Bone Issue 5 – “Out From Boneville”

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Entretenimento Livros
Developer: UCLICK LLC
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Out From Boneville, Part 5 - “Barrelhaven”

The rat creatures are on the attack! With the farm surrounded, Grandma Ben buys time for Fone Bone and Thorn to flee into the night – but will they be any safer outside, alone and vastly outnumbered? Phoney Bone ambles into Barrelhaven and discovers he’s no less a fish out of water in town than he was on the farm. But at least he’s found an old friend!

• Intuitive Design & Controls
• Screens and panels tailored for the iPhone
• Easy-to-Use “Tap” and “Swipe” Navigation

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Creator: Jeff Smith
Characters: Thorn, Red Dragon, Fone Bone, Smiley Bone, Phoney Bone, Rose "Grandma" Ben

Tags: Bone Jeff Smith Fone Smiley Phoney Thorn Great Red Dragon Rat Creatures adventure comic book comics